I Am Airbus: Employees Tell Their Stories

Seen and Heard

  • We want to guide girls in knowing what steps to take to become a part of the aviation industry, and what will help them to advance.

  • We are so honored to be the first delivery here – thank you very much indeed!

  • When we say Airbus delivers, it really is much more than delivering one aircraft at a time. It’s delivering on a commitment; delivering on a partnership.

  • Such a milestone (as First Delivery) simply could not have been made without a lot of teamwork.

  • “I’ve got a question I want to shout out to the folks who said Mobile couldn’t get it done. ‘How do you like us now?’”

  • “With apologies to our specials guests today, I just have to break protocol and first speak to the Airbus Mobile FAL Team in the room because I just can’t start anything without saying—YOU DID IT! SHE HAS FLOWN!”

  • “Today is just the first of many aircraft to come for a variety of customers. We’re only going to grow–which means Mobile, Alabama, and the US aerospace industry are going to grow. It’s been a great ride so far—but the best is yet to come. Again, congratulations to everyone!”

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