GM Daryl Taylor: “You Did It! She Has Flown!”

At the First Flight Post-flight ceremony speech, General Manager Daryl Taylor’s pride in the Mobile FAL team was very much in evidence as he addressed the crowd.

He had these words:

With apologies to our specials guests today, I just have to break protocol and first speak to the Airbus Mobile FAL Team in the room because I just can’t start anything without saying – YOU DID IT! SHE HAS FLOWN!

Every member of this team has worked hard, and I’m proud that your skill and talent have brought us to this moment. I want to applaud all of you for the hard work that brought us here today.

The first flight is an exciting milestone in the production of any aircraft, but this one is particularly special. This is the first flight of the first aircraft from the first employees of the first Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility.

With today’s flight, Airbus has realized a goal and strategy to become a truly global manufacturer, to be closer to our customers in the world’s largest single-aisle market, and to create a world-class commercial aircraft production facility housing a world-class team.

Today’s flight is a true achievement, but obviously stands for so much more.

I’ll conclude as I started—congratulations to everybody—WE DID IT!

Airbus A321 First Flight - Mobile, Alabama FAL
Airbus A321 First Flight – Mobile, Alabama FAL