Highlights of the First Aircraft Delivery Ceremony

The Mobile FAL team celebrated the first delivery from the Airbus U.S. Assembly Line with a ceremony which reflected on the teamwork it took to achieve this accomplishment, as well as the partnership between our team and jetBlue.

General Manager Daryl Taylor said “Airbus T-Mobile is very grateful for the confidence you’ve shown in us. We’re so excited that ‘Bluesmobile’ will showcase our hard work all around your network. What you see here today is not just an aircraft – it’s a symbol of what can happen when a team works together to create something special.”

Present at the ceremony was jetBlue President and CEO, Robin Hayes, who said “It’s great to be here and to see this wonderful amazing place go from a groundbreaking to a building to an opening and now delivering today…we are so honored to be the first delivery here.”

As Allan McArtor, Chairman and CEO of Airbus Group said, “Such a milestone could not have been made without a lot of teamwork.”