Flightworks Alabama: A Gateway to Aerospace for Students

Future in Aerospace for Students
Described as “a true partnership between Airbus and the state of Alabama”, Flightworks Alabama holds the promise of a future in aerospace for local students.

AL.com reports:

“The growth we talk about in Alabama is more than just investment. The growth also encompasses involvement,” Airbus Americas Chairman Emeritus Allan McArtor said. “We have an opportunity and an obligation to explain the excitement of our aerospace industry to the public and especially to our youth. Flight Works Alabama is going to give us a multi-dimensional way to talk about the history of this area in flight, how we currently build and assemble airplanes and the various technologies that are involved in that, and then the future opportunity of the aerospace industry. It is our obligation to inform, inspire, motivate and capture the youth of Alabama in our industry. And that’s what we’re going to do at Flight Works Alabama.”

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