The Airbus/Bombardier Partnership: “A Natural Fit”


Airbus and Bombardier Inc. formed a partnership to bring together Airbus’ global reach and scale with Bombardier’s newest, state-of-the-art jet aircraft family. Philippe Balducchi, CEO of the Airbus Bombardier Partnership, recently took some time to reflect on the “natural fit” of this remarkable partnership.

Mike Richardson of Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine met with Mr. Balducchi, who said:

“A lot of thought went into structuring the team and this included looking at who has the best skill-sets and abilities. The synergies that Airbus brings is in procurement, which will be very important for the programme’s success, sales and marketing. Airbus is a huge organisation with an extensive network, which will help strengthen our team going forward. It has brought in key people that have the requisite skill-sets. What is also very relevant to the new leadership is the logistics, manufacturing, the ramp-up and the scale of Airbus in terms of how many aircraft it produces compared to Bombardier. So, there is a great synergy and leverage that we can learn and benefit from. It’s really exciting and it’s like a goldmine of knowledge, lessons learnt, practices and people – it’s perfect.”

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