Airbus celebrates Pride Month

Airbus-Pride-Mobile-Compressed-3417Airbus recently celebrated Pride Month with a number of events, both virtual and in person.

On June 10th, Daryl Taylor hosted the HRC Aerospace for Equality Forum. HRC, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, American Airlines, & JetBlue held a panel discussion in celebration of Pride Month, focused on LGBTQ Inclusion in the Aerospace Industry featuring opening remarks by HRC President Alphonso David.

Airbus-Pride-Mobile-Compressed-2855The PRIDE@Airbus Artwalk Social Hour and Second-line – in Partnership with Rainbow Mobile, Prism United, and the City of Mobile – was held on June 11th, at the Merry Widow and Cathedral Square. Mobile’s first Pride-themed LoDA Artwalk kicked off with a social hour at the Merry Widow. While not specifically sponsored by Airbus, team members met up to make their way over to the Pride Festivities in Cathedral Square. These activities were put together in partnership with the fine folks at Rainbow Mobile, Prism United, and the City of Mobile, and included a dragqueen-led second-line through the streets of Downtown Mobile.

On June 12th, PRIDE@Airbus and Door to Serenity volunteers helped Door to Serenity, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Mobile, who provides safe, sober-living arrangements and other services for members of the LGBTQ community overcoming issues related to substance abuse. This organization recently acquired a new home for their clients and we leant our support in getting it ready to move-in. Airbus provided some tools and safety equipment, as well as cleaning supplies.