Airbus partners with Delta to bring Carver High School students to Mobile

Over the span of a day, 20 Atlanta-based STEAM students from Carver High School flew to Mobile, visited Flight Works Alabama, and were given a VIP tour of Airbus’ U.S. Manufacturing Facility before flying back home with an abundance of aerospace experiences and memories. Most of the students had never set foot on a plane before.

After the group landed at the Mobile Airport, they headed straight to Flight Works Alabama. Discovering the tools used to build aircraft, putting on the virtual reality headset and piloting a plane in the flight simulator proved to be an impactful post-first-flight experience.

After lunch, the Carver crew went to the fourth floor of Hangar 9 for a tour of Airbus’ A320 assembly line. The students, buzzing with excitement a few minutes prior, were now observing the Airbus team hard at work in nearly complete silence. Mobile Engineering Center Site Director David Trent, and Head of U.S. Commercial Operations Daryl Taylor joined the tour for a discussion with the students and to answer questions about aircraft engineering, assembly and careers in aviation.

After getting together one last time for a group photo, the students and teachers flew back, getting to Atlanta late in the evening after an exhilarating trip.