Family Day 2018 Held in Doyle Park


On a recent Sunday afternoon, about 400 Airbus Mobile team members and family members gathered in Doyle Park, near the A320 production facility, for Family Day 2018.

Baskets were shot. Footballs were tossed. Soccer balls were kicked. And slides were slid upon, much to the delight of attendees both young and old. The American staples of popcorn, hotdogs, and cotton candy were also dutifully consumed.

Painted faces dotted the crowd, including familiar ones like Wonder Woman, and more than one head was festooned with the exotic balloon creations.

Across the way, at the Final Assembly Line, family members toured the facility, listening to their loved ones describe their jobs and general operations. Most took a few moments to take in the exhibits in the fourth-floor mini-museum that traces the history of Airbus and Team Mobile.

The fall weather was fully cooperative, creating perhaps the most comfortable conditions for Family Day yet.

It’s one more way the U.S. Manufacturing Facility seeks to recognize the contributions made by the families of our team members. Many thanks to all who joined in the fun!