Team Mobile celebrates 2019 Girls in Aviation Day


Team Mobile helped to host and sponsor the annual Girls in Aviation Day event at the AIDT training center near our Final Assembly Line, for our third year of taking part in this inspirational event.


Airbus partnered with the Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) Gulf Coast Chapter 22 to create exciting projects and activities, which all included a focus on STEM and fun to show the next generation of women in aviation how satisfying a career in aviation can be. The activities focused on maintenance, manufacturing, piloting and/or engineering, as well as giving the girls the chance to meet a number of role models.


About forty girls girls attended, enjoying activities that included putting together 3-ring notebooks with sheet metal to learn riveting, learning about the process of manufacturing an airplane with an aircraft model, learning about how clouds form, and working with snap circuits as a teaching tool for avionics. There was even a drone the girls were able to fly to learn basic flight dynamics.



Our target audience for Girls in Aviation Day was primarily girls between the ages of 8 and 16.  Most of the participants came from the local Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama’s No Limit’s in Aviation program for girls and the three charter schools we support in Mobile.

3 ring bindersAirbus has partnered with the state of Alabama to construct a 15,000+ square foot aviation education center at the Mobile Aeroplex, intended to inspire young people, giving them career awareness about jobs within aviation; set to open in 2020.

Airbus also rolled out the FlightPath9 program this year to give high school students that  the opportunity to start career training for jobs at Airbus while still in school and then enter Airbus’ Fast Track program, where they then become Airbus employees receiving on-the-job training.