United Airlines jet purchase: good news for Mobile FAL

Airbus-A220-_0Air travel is on the rise! United Airlines recently ordered 70 Airbus A320s, which is good news for the Final Assembly Line in Mobile.

Alabama Public Radio reports:

“The great news is we got through 2020 without a reduction of workforce,” Airbus Vice President Daryl Taylor said. “So, we had reached right around 1,000 direct employees at the beginning of 2020. While we didn’t hire during 2020 except for a very few, very critical positions that we had to backfill, we also didn’t actively reduce workforce. This year, we plan to recruit about 150 employees here in Mobile. We’ll pass 1,100 active head counts here during 2021 and if you look at our total head count that’s onsite, when you add our suppliers, we outsource several of our work packages, logistics, maintenance and things like that, we’re probably closer to 1,350, 1,400 and I would expect that to be closer to 1,500 by the end of the year.”

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