Where are they now? FCM Ryane Dedeaux

Ryane Dedeaux on A220The last time we spoke with Ryane Dedeaux, in 2016, she was a Tool Shop Attendant at the U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile. A lot has happened since then.

Ryane first moved to the Quality Department for the A320, then was promoted to her current position of FAL Customer Manager (FCM) for the A220 program. Even more life-changing: she welcomed a baby boy into the world in May of this year!

The pandemic brought a halt to family travel, but Ryane is already planning her son’s first visit to Disneyland. In the meantime, she has renewed her interest in pottery and painting ceramics.

It’s also been a time for professional growth.

“I’m now an FCM and it is a big step in growth and in knowledge of a new aircraft and platform for me. I love expanding my opportunities to learn and to help gain experience to become an even bigger asset to this company,” Ryane said.

After six years with Airbus, Ryane said she’s even more convinced she’s with the right team.

“Airbus has been very good to me and my family, with stability, benefits, and a safe and effective way of working together, especially now with COVID-19,” Ryane said. “Airbus took our lives and our family’s livelihood into serious consideration. They responded quickly and responsibly to help us while we are working closely together producing aircraft safely.”

Despite the hardships imposed by the pandemic, Ryane says the future looks bright.

“My perspective over the last six years has changed for the better. As I move and advance in my career, I have a greater feeling of pride to be a part of this company. The opportunities are never ending for growth in the future,” she said.

One thing hasn’t changed. Ryane still loves to go fishing, and she can’t wait to pass on her love of outdoor activities to her son.

Ryane Dedeaux a

Ryane Dedeaux in the Tool Shop in 2016, before two promotions brought her into her current role as a FAL Customer Manager.